Casey Whittier is a ceramicist and installation artist. Her practice explores the visceral qualities of clay, elements from nature, and the power of shared experience. Whittier currently teaches ceramics and social practice at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Originally from Maine, Whittier received her B.F.A. from KCAI and an M.F.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her love for the outdoors and desire to collect and re-imagine relationships between objects was fostered by a family of environmentally sensitive individuals whose own collections were part of the daily landscape (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so they say).

Questions of legacy, sense of place, longing and an invested interest in non-human ecosystems are central to her artistic investigation. Often working with multiple clay bodies in any given piece, Whittier seeks the inherent variations in surface and texture, its ability to mimic, to be thick, thin, ephemeral or seemingly permanent.

Whittier’s work is included in private collections and has been exhibited throughout the US.

Teaching Portfolio

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Teaching Portfolio