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Endangered (Community Quilt Sample)
Endangered (Community Quilt Sample)
Earthenware, mason stain
11 in x 11 in x .25

Endangered is an on-going project that uses art as a way to promote citizen research, peer-to-peer learning, and create a space for formal and informal conversations about the impact of habitat loss and climate change on the non-human ecosystems that surround us.

Endangered utilizes the history and structure of the community quilt, where each square is designed by a different person and stitched together once completed. Information and images for each ceramic "quilt square" are submitted by a project participant and gathered by way of a conversation (in-person or digital), or through a workshop.

The information and images are then transformed into clay in my studio. The finished squares will be "stitched" together and displayed as a community quilt.

The Endangered Project will be hosted by The Salina Art Center in the Spring and Summer of 2018.

Photo Credit: Fiona Cashell