Casey Whittier

Artist Statement

My work is often born from one of the following experiences: an indescribable feeling of excitement; a nagging contradiction of desire; a need to share something that I cannot yet explain; an obsession; a question or series of questions; a desire to respond to or reflect on a thought, feeling, or event; the recognition of something poignant or absurd; the experience of misunderstanding.

I see each sculpture and installation as a way to advocate for a direct and tactile relationship with the world. In re-crafting representational objects, I make space and time for experimentation, questioning, humor, desire, wonder, and confusion.

An exploration of touch and intuitive making is deeply embedded in my studio practice and in the community-based projects that I do. Clay serves as palimpsest in my practice; I seek to exploit its inherent variations in surface and texture, its ability to mimic, to be thick, thin, ephemeral or permanent. The physical recordings that come through rolling, tearing, squishing, dipping, pushing, pinching and scratching become representations of touch, of thought, of time spent.